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Meet the Team: Our Chief Marketing Officer, Donna

Meet the Team: Our Chief Marketing Officer, Donna


Donna was born in London and raised in the leafy home counties. Growing up with two brothers, Donna’s childhood was filled with fun playtime adventures where they spent their time climbing trees, creating exciting potions in their mud kitchen, days trips to the beach or creating imaginary radio shows.

In her grown-up life, Donna studied Advertising Marketing Communications and went onto have a successful career in Television, where she worked on the channel strategy for brands such as the Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Sky Living and Sky Atlantic. After meeting her husband, they moved to South West London where they went on to have their son & daughter. Donna’s passion for strategy, entertainment and content has led her to work in Digital Marketing, which she does around family life.

Donna loves organising a party and believes you can create the perfect party with a little planning and bundles of imagination. Donna recently organised a Superhero Party for her son’s fifth birthday and enlisted the help of ParentVille Party Entertainers Tom and Eloise to bring the party theme to life. Tom and Eloise kept thirty children thoroughly entertained as Agent Alpha & Doctor Delta. Everyone was so impressed, including the adults.

Donna’s top tips to organising a children’s party are:

  • Know your theme. You can get inspiration from our Pinterest or Instagram pages.
  • Plan ahead. If time allows, plan as much as you can a few weeks before the party date. To save on time and to get the best party, why not consider a party stylist. If you are unsure of what you need, get in touch with ParentVille Parties for a free party consultation.
  • Book your baker (Donna’s favourite is Leah who creates the most delicious from ‘Free from’ Cakes & Brownies and Zuzana for the most scrumptious cakes and biscuits), venue and entertainer as soon as you have a date. It will take the pressure of you and allow you to leisurely plan the rest of your children’s party
  • Remember little ones can get overwhelmed on the big day, so talk them through your plans so they know what to expect.
  • Just have fun.

Meet the team: Commercial Relations & COO, Sally

Sally was raised between Scotland and the Middle East. She studied surface design in London and Paris and now lives in West London with her French husband and two little girls. The family regularly travel ‘home’ to the Grampian Highlands to visit the woods and big skies. Sally enjoys creative projects, interior design and all puddings!

“When I plan a party I always check & double check the theme with my daughters. Even with an obscure initial idea from my 3 year old, ‘Fairy-princess-woodland-camping’, I always find what I need on ParentVille. Our favourite party accessory to choose together are party bags! There are so many wonderful options & ideas. My eldest daughter loves Wonnie’s sugar free cakes & Mrs Smiths cat biscuits!”

Take note of Sally’s Celebration Secrets!

  • I always make sure to pick a strong theme for any party. Doing this stops me deviating from my shopping list!
  • My favourite grown up girl & boy cakes are from Wonnie. Her style is impeccable & she is so wonderful to work with.
  • Flowers are essential for every party & every age. They always help to brighten up a venue and create a wonderful splash of colour in photographs!
  • My girls always love to give biscuits or sweeties as a ‘thank you’. This year I have ordered from Candy & Mrs Smith.
  • I send cupcakes from Jennie into school on a regular basis. Whether to mark a birthday, new term or ‘just because’ – the teachers love it!

Meet the team: Our Brand Ambassador, Danelle

Danelle was raised in Michigan, USA. She studied her Bachelor’s degree at Oakland University in Michigan and was travelling from a young age throughout USA, Europe and Lebanon. After working and travelling for a corporate real estate company, she ended up in London studying her MBA in 2006 and has lived in London ever since.

She works with various start-ups and companies with eOffice Coworking Office Space and now assists with Parentville Parties. She has 2 daughters with her partner Pier Paolo and they love travelling between the USA and Italy with their girls :).

Danelle loves Parentville because it is working mums organising an amazing platform for kids parties. What she looks for her daughter’s parties is something quick, efficient and amazing. She loves how she can organise her daughter’s party very easily with Parentville, while working full time and managing her family. Her party tips – always have entertainment, and ensure the kids are kept busy non-stop:).

Happy Mother’s Day Mummy Mozart



Happy Mother’s Day with Mummy Mozart!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely mummies. We’re talking this opportunity to announce the lucky winner of our Mini Mozart Competition:

Congratulations to Silvia & Olivia for winning a full term with Mini Mozart! Thanks to all of you who participated, and stay tuned as we will release more competitions soon…


To celebrate in style, we spent some quality time with the ultimate mumpreneur,

Clare-Louise Shaw, founder of the Mini Mozart empire. Not only has she been a very successful entrepreneur, but she also kept an amazing balance between her work and her family life.

“You don’t always need to do kids activities with your children: if you introduce them to things that you love and you assume that they will take something from it, they do!”  This is the ethos of Mini Mozart, a music activity for babies and toddlers, combining Bach with Bubbles and Prokofiev with a Parachute.

A full account of our conversation with Clare will soon be published on our blog! 

Phileas Fox Nursery School
How many eggs will you collect at the Little Venice Easter Egg Hunt?

Join us on Friday 18th March for a morning full of Easter fun! The teachers at Phileas Fox Nursery School will be hosting you for an Easter themed activity as well as an eggciting egg hunt! 

Please book your space in advance so that the Easter bunny can prepare a personalised egg with your child’s name on it. 

Treat yourself to this fabulous no bake dessert: Berry & White Choc TartIt’s creamy and fruity, and couldn’t be easier to make. A Mummy Too shares with us a video as well as step by step instructions for this yummy recipe taken from Annabel Karmel’s latest book, Busy Mum’s CookbookYou won’t even need to put the oven on!

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Should we celebrate Mother’s Day?

It’s Mother’s Day today! Happy Mother’s Day! You see it everywhere, but what is it all about?

The true meaning of mother’s day can sometimes be a blur to a young sleep deprived mother that smells of baby powder and old milk. You’re still busy getting into the groove of parenting, and this is just another day of a cranky teething baby, washing and organizing tiny clothes… Your child doesn’t even know what Monday is, so how could he possibly know that it’s your day and that he should celebrate you?

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