PV Meets Truly Scrumptious

ParentVille Parties meets Louisa; the founder of Truly Scrumptious, a leading supplier of bespoke fabric drawstring party bags for for children’s party. Today, Louisa shares how she got started and her tips to running a successful creative business. Prepare to be inspired.


Tells us a little bit about yourself

My name is Louisa, wife to Dan and Mummy to Miles & Amelia.

Before having children, I trained as a Norland Nanny with a Montessori qualification. I have worked for some amazing families, both in the UK & high profile personalities living abroad. In both my ‘Mummy and Nanny’ roles I have loved planning wonderful, memorable parties for children of all ages, with many different themes.

Truly Scrumptious Party Bags began with my own children’s parties. I didn’t want to send their friends home with plastic bags filled with “cheap and cheerful junk”  that was likely to go straight into the bin, when the children weren’t looking. (Come on we’ve all done it!) That inspired me to start making fabric, drawstring bags that my children would enjoy handing out to their friends, as a special thank you for coming to their party. Something that is lovely to cherish as part of the party favour, and a unique way to round off a memorable occasion. My bags are lovingly made by myself, at home, and are also eco – friendly. They can be used over and over again afterwards, for hair clips, lego, marbles, pencils, dolls-clothes, cars or magic tricks. The useful options are endless!!

I frequently use them, filled with ‘entertainments’ for trips to restaurants or even long haul flights!

My training as a professional nanny had a particular focus on ‘high quality results and attention to detail.’ I have continued to apply these values, every time I design and produce these unique party bags.

Some of the most prestigious party planning companies in the UK, now regularly work with me, to tailor party bags for their clients, globally.

Most importantly I love what I do and hope you do too!

PV Meets Truly ScrumptiousPV Meets Truly Scrumptious

What inspired the concept for your business?

I didn’t want to hand out plastic bags filled with tat that went straight into the bin once everyone got home after my children’s parties. So I made some little drawstring bags for my son Miles’ sports party when he was turning 5. The boys had blue bags pattered with white stars & the girls a pretty floral bag. The children loved them & parents thought they were a great new idea. So a few friends encouraged me to do something with it. The idea then grew & grew organically from my kitchen table!


When starting did you have challenges & how did you overcome them?

Oh yes! And I still do have challenges. I learn from my mistakes & am always looking for ways to improve. I welcome constructive feedback from customers too. My first mistake was a very cheap sewing machine, which I quickly realised had to go & be replaced with a good sturdy workhorse!

I also started by using the appliqué method to put the images & text onto the party bags. That was fiddly & time consuming! It’s been great to rise to the challenges & overcome them with better ways of  completing my orders.


What has been your biggest success so far?

To be honest, the whole concept of Truly Scrumptious being a success & still growing makes me feel so proud. I struggled with dyslexia at school & don’t have any background in running a small business.

Apart from that I’ve been lucky enough to make hundreds of lovely families party bags (many of whom are repeat customers)  along with supplying top party planners. It’s always a pleasure to donate bags or proceeds from orders to charities. It’s nice to give back a little occasionally.

Having lived with & worked for Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones it’s always exciting to make bags for celebrities too. I think the biggest ‘eeeeeek’ moment was when I made Elton Johns sons party bags not long ago. (That happy little dance went on for quite a while!!)

pv meets truly scrumptious

How do you juggle motherhood, family life, and your business?

Gosh it really is a juggling act, especially during school holidays! I feel so lucky to be able to work from home & be there for my children. Being able to support them weekly in school matches, attending concerts whilst working too. but the downside is that I’m always working! I take work with me everywhere I go…sitting waiting at gymnastics, dancing, or cricket after school clubs I’m there peeling names, images, cutting ribbons & cords or updating social medial & replying to emails. My husband is so patient but does get a bit fed up when  I’ve got fabric, threads, vinyl, and equipment spread out over the kitchen table, spare room & office!

I always make sure once I’m home from the school run that I do the washing, dishwasher, hoovering & general family tidying g up before I start my Truly Scrumptious work. I then break mid morning for a lovely dog walk & try to clear my head (although I’m often frantically replying to enquiries or placing materials orders whilst walking too!)


How do you find time to relax whilst not working? 

Wow, I really need to create business free – screen free time. But it’s actually close to impossible when you run the show yourself & when my business is so labour intensive. I have started to have some help now, but not enough to hand over the reigns for longer periods. It’s tricky as I have orders from over seas too & constantly have enquiries coming in. (And yes each & every order does still make me dance a happy dance!) I like to keep things personal by replying to each & everyone individually.

Family time is so important & we love going on lovely long bike rides, dog walks, ( of course always finishing in a pub for a drink & some hot chips!) I also make time to work out & have PT sessions once a week as well as body conditioning classes (I have to fit this in to make sure I can have those cheeky chips in the pub at the weekend! )

But I really do need to be a bit more strict with switching off more. At least I love my business!! PV Meets truly scrumptious


Whats your top tips for starting a business?

Hmmm, have supportive friends & family that you can ask advice from. Go for it, I was worried my party bags would be a flop, but until you’ve given it a shot, you just won’t know. Be organised, make lists & have plenty of post it notes for reminders! Make friends with the post office workers because you might, like me see them every single day!

Oh and keep your receipts in date order…I had to painfully sort through mine to get into the right order.


If you could invite a special guest to a dinner party who would it be?

Hands down it would have to be Prince Harry. He would be great fun to be around, super interesting & really down to earth hopefully. Being a father & uncle now, no doubt he’ll have many children’s birthday parties ahead of him. He’s seems the kind of guy to get really involved & join in. When he was in the army, he also took over from my husband in Afghanistan, so we have something in common there!


To find out more about Louisa and Truly Scrumptious, please click HERE


How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party

How to Plan Baby’s First Birthday Party

How to Plan Baby’s First Birthday Party

Congratulations you made it through the first year of parenthood. Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is a celebration for everyone to enjoy. Whether you choose to make it a grand affair or a small gathering for close family and friends, you’ll want to make it one to remember. Parentville Parties have some fun-filled ideas to help you plan the ultimate celebration this very special milestone.


The Venue

Finding the perfect venue will very much set the scene for your birthday party. You will need to consider if you want your party at home or find an indoor birthday party venue or somewhere with outdoor access. You may have older children attending the party and want an activity space which they can enjoy too. Browse party venues.



Ampersand Hotel

How to Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party

The Ampersand boasts beautifully decorated function spaces in eclectic Ampersand style. The Library accommodates 35 reception style and is the perfect London room for a children’s party. The Games Room can take up to 50 guests standing and 85 in conjunction with The Library, offering the ideal space for both parents and children. A children’s menu is available at £15 per person along with canapé options for adults starting at £15 pounds per person.


Soft Play

Café Floral in Hammersmith

A fantastic soft play venue, fully equipped with toys and entertainment for children of all ages. The venue includes a disco ball, music and a bubble machine. There is a fantastic sensory room for the babies in your party. Perfect for up to 30 children plus parents.



We love Phealia Fox in Little Venice. It has a lovely indoor space and a great outdoor play area too. Perfect for up to 20 children.



GOAT in Chelsea

How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party

The perfect Indoor birthday party venue for little ones from all ages in our light airy bar on the first floor. With natural day light, high ceilings and a split level for the parents to relax by the bar. Accommodating up to 30 kids and 60+ parents in one room with canapes and drinks served for the adults and perfect sit down lunch/early supper for the children.



How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party

Hosting a party will mean you may not have time to take some pictures of your own. So why not consider a photographer or video photographer to capture the moment. ParentVille Parties have a range of excellent photographers to suit all budgets. Browse Party Photographers



The guest list to your Baby’s First Birthday Party, will most likely include friends and family who have children of different ages. You may want to consider some entertainment options which everyone can join in. Browse Entertainment


Puppet, Instruments, Songs, Games & Bubble Party

The ultimate party package with puppets, percussion instruments, action songs, nursery rhymes, exciting props, magical bubbles, musical games, pass the parcel, disco lights and a special present for the birthday child. Balloon modelling for children aged 3 and over. Snow machine is optional.

There will be magic, music and songs to entertain everyone from the tiniest baby, to big brothers and sisters, mums, dads and grandparents too. Each child’s party is full of fun activities and surprises. A combination of simple birthday party games, action songs, instruments and amazing puppets provide a special party where young children can join in as much as they want to…

How To Plan Your Baby's Birthday Party



Lets Get Musical

A musical adventure for babies, toddlers up to 5 years old. Let your little one be entertained with a range of songs, rhymes & actions, fun puppets, colourful instruments and many other props such as scarves, ribbons, pompoms or a parachute and don’t forget the bubbles.



Thank your guests with a personalised bag, they can reuse again and again.

How to Plan Your Baby's First  Birthday Party


Themed Party Boxes which include bubbles, a cone of sweeties, colouring book and much more. Browse.


Decorated Cookies or Cake Pops

Brilliant as feature on the sweet table or lovely as a party favour. Browse more.

How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party

For more favour ideas browse our curated collection




Create a balloon installation to wow your guests.

How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party



Partyware Packs

Fancy setting up a party yourself without the hassle of sourcing loads of coordinating items? Look no further…our Jungle Safari Party Box includes Balloon Garland kit, faux jungle leaves, acrylic sign, painted plastic animals with party hats for cake table / main table, personalised cotton party bags, chair tassels, zebra foil balloon, monochrome napkins, monochrome cups, monochrome paper plates, monochrome paper straws.

How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party




Whether you are making your own birthday cake or looking to find a fabulous baker, we have a few suggestions to make that job an easy one. Browse our full collection.


Bake & decorate your own cake

Our ‘make your own birthday cake kits’ are a brilliant way to create your very own birthday cake for your little one, without the stress of sourcing ingredients, utensils or following complicated instructions. Our baking kit contains everything you need as well easy to follow instructions, just add butter, eggs and milk.

How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party


Themed Cakes

Finding a good cake designer is a must. We have a great selections of bakers at ParentVille. Here is Sandra’s creation for one of our daughters parties. This cake was a master piece and loved by all.

How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party


Number Cakes

Are all the rage right now! Cakes topped with fresh flowers, buttercream frosting, macarons, fresh berries, meringue kisses.. and add any other toppings you’d like (popcorn, oreos, chocolate wafers, M&Ms, maltesers, reese’s pieces, you name it!

How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party




Party Food

Seriously delicious food served in a buffet style for your party, designed for children and adults to enjoy together. Choose from many dishes, from Mini Fish ‘n’ Chips, Mini Burgers to Jelly Cups, designed around any theme and plenty extras to finished off. Find out more.

How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party



Nibble Trays for Toddlers

Nibble Trays are a colourful and healthy option for your little ones and their friends to enjoy.

How To Plan Your Baby's First Birthday Party


Party Lunch Boxes

Take all the fuss and worry out of organising food for your little one with these beautifully packaged lunch boxes. Inside each box is a sandwich, two treats, a cake option and an organic juice drink.

How To Plan your Baby's First Birthday Party


Get in touch with ParentVille Parties today for a free Party Planning consultation.

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

First comes the Easter egg hunt, then comes a basket filled with chocolate eggs. Looking to treat your little one to something that will last longer than a chocolate egg this Easter? Discover a whole host of unique gift ideas for kids, to make this Easter one to remember. ParentVille Parties have picked out ten Easter gift ideas your kids will love.

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Easter Basket Cupcake Kit


1. Easter Basket Cupcake Kit

Kids will love baking and decorating these imaginative Easter Basket Cupcakes. Fill each basket with mounds of sprinkles and chocolate eggs and finish with a handle (that they can munch on too!!) Makes enough for 10 cupcakes.


Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Paint Your Own Easter Cookies


2. Paint your own Easter Cookie

Kids will love painting these Easter inspired cookies. Use the paint palette on your cookie & use a little water to paint your Easter masterpiece. It’s a fun activity your little one will really enjoy.

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Easter Bunny Biscuits


3. Easter Bunny Biscuits

Send some Easter joy with these Bunny biscuits. They are a great alternative to chocolate. These handmade biscuits can be personalised too. The biscuits come in a vanilla or lemon flavour and are gift wrapped in a box with spring coloured ribbon.


Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
Easter Bunny Bags

4. Easter Bunny Bags

Kids will love their very own personalised bunny bags.  Perfect to use on your Easter egg hunt or to use all year round


Easter Gift Ideas
PLAYin Choc

5. PLAYin Choc

Chocolate and a toy! Now you are talking. PLAYin Choc Kids contains two individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic, dairy free chocolates and a delightful cardboard toy to assemble. The toy comes with its own fun facts educational info card.

Because we care about you and our environment Playin Choc is organic, vegan, avoids potential allergens such as soy, gluten and dairy, contains no refined sugar, is environmentally responsible and uses only recycled, recyclable and compostable materials. Our chocolate is wrapped in clear film that is 100% plant based and completely home compostable.


Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
Afternoon Tea Picnic

6. Afternoon Tea Picnic

Leave the house and enjoy the sunshine this Easter with our Afternoon Tea Picnic. Our picnics include everything you need for a delicious afternoon tea with a yummy selection of mouth watering cakes, sandwiches, scones, freshly squeezed orange juice and a choice of tea, coffee or infusion.

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Meri Meri Easter Box


7. Easter Biscuits

Kids will love this Easter cookie assortment of bunnies, flowers, rainbows, chicks and speckled mini eggs. Handmade and gift wrapped.


Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
Bunny Balloon Kit


8. Bunny Balloon Kit

Kids will love this Bunny Balloon Kit this easter. Enjoy hours of fun creating your very own Easter bunny balloon. The kit comes with all the things you will need to decorate your bunny balloons.


Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Personalised Easter egg Biscuit

9. Easter Biscuits

Perfect for Easter, these individually handmade biscuits are iced in our Spring pastel colours. Each one is hand decorated and can be personalised with the name of the recipient, or a general “Happy Easter” message. Do something different to chocolate this year!


10 The Little Welcome Baby Gift Box

Too young for chocolate? Now your baby can celebrate Easter with these ‘Welcome Baby Gift Box’. Each gift box comes with an adorable designer shirt for your little one and much more.

Gift for girl

Easter Gift Ideas
New Baby Girl Gift Box

Gift for boy

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
New Baby Boy Gift Set


To browse our full collection of Easter gift ideas for kids, click here







Merci Maman & Parentville Parties Giveaway


WIN 10 personalised initial bracelets from Merci Maman and 10 personalised biscuits from Parentville Parties to pop in party bags for your child’s next party!

ParentVille Community

Giveaway: Win Personalised Party Bag Gifts

We teamed up with fabulous brand MERCI MAMAN

for an amazing January Giveaway!

Together we are giving you the chance to WIN 10 personalised initial bracelets from Merci Maman and 10 personalised biscuits from Parentville Parties, handmade by the talented Mrs Smith. Pop these treats in party bags for your child’s next party!

HURRY! You only have until midnight on Friday 26th January to enter.

Good Luck! xx


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How to prepare a birthday party in a week

When I returned from the Christmas holidays the last thing I wanted to do was to organize another party. Just when I needed a nice, calm start to 2018 it dawned on me…birthday party! My eldest son is turning 9. We will all just have to keep on celebrating. No change of a dry January!

It is the same every year.  It is after all the same date every year. Yet again, I have nothing prepared or planned. When I realized the birthday was a week away I’ll be honest, I panicked, I even considered postponing the party. However, looking at our family agenda I realised this wasn’t going to happen so I’d just better put my grown-up hat on and get on with it!

How to prepare a birthday party in a week? I know what you are thinking… “That is impossible!” I had exactly the same opinion until I had to do it last week and … it worked!


So here is how I planned it:

1 – I asked my son to do a list of up to 10 friends he would like to invite (I ended up with 15)

2 – I wrote a text so Dad could send it to the children parents to invite them. I started by apologizing for this “rude” and “very late” invitation of course!

3 – I delegated the inviting task to Dad. He was the one who would be in charge of sending invitations and receive confirmations and then inform me of the number of kids attending.

4 – I decided on the party venue. It was too late to book whatever we wanted and Christmas was already too expensive so we decided to save some pennies and have it at home (panic again!)

5 – With the “venue” sorted, I needed to think what I needed to order ASAP: It was cake, decoration, and candy

6 – I went on Pinterest for inspiration for a Harry Potter Party. When I found the cake I booked it straight away from Parentville Parties. It literally took me 5 minutes to do it.

7 – Then I also ordered 3 jars of Candy and themed party treats to give to the guests as party bags. I explained on Parentville Parties chat with the provider that I was doing a Harry Potter Themed party and in 10 minutes it was all sorted and ordered.

8 – So, at this point, I have: venue, cake, party bags and candy. I still need to sort out the food and entertainment.

9 – Concerning the food, I decided to:

a) Have pizza as main

b) Have some bouls of fruit and vegetables on the table and well as popcorns, cheese and crackers

c) And that we would have cake for dessert

10 – I went to Pinterest again and found some great games to do with the kids at home and then ordered what I needed to do it from Amazon. Here is the list of things I ordered for games and decoration:

Harry Potter tablecloth
Red Balloons
Golden Paper Cups
Golden Party Plates
Golden Plastic Cutlery
Harry Potter Party Plates
Golden Balloons
Popcorn Boxes
Led Battery candles
Pack of A4 Old Look Paper
Brick Print Wall Paper

11 – Finally I printed all the free printables I could find for a Harry Potter themed party. You need to have a colour printer for that, and I just spread them around the house.

Yes it was an intense week, but I have to admit I also had lots of fun!

So let’s recap in bullet points what you need to do if you have to prepare a birthday party in a week:

1) Send Invitations (and delegate this task)

2) Decide and book venue. If you can’t find anything, do it at home… it will be fine!

3) Order cake, candy and party bags

4) Decide on the food and make a list

5) Go on Pinterest for inspiration for games and decoration

6) Order what you need

7) Enjoy the party!



“We’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for a piglet” #CoolKidsBrand

Kirstie Duke had the dream to create a premium childrenswear brand that provided ultimate comfort for the babies of this world. Toastie Pig is the result of that dream… and her “crush” on piglets! We talked with Kristie for our first #CoolKidsBrand interview and it comes with a very special offer to you! See the details at the end.

We asked Kristie about her amazing journey as an entrepreneur, her memories of her own birthday parties and we totally agree with her reasons for why entertainers are one thing every kid’s party should have! 

How did this project start?

Toastie Pig was the dream-child of two friends from University, who saw a gap in the market for a premium childrenswear brand that was functional, stylish and provided ultimate comfort for the babies of this world.


What did you do before starting your own business?

We came from two very different working backgrounds. One from the world of fashion, designing outerwear for leading fashion labels, and the other from working as an EA. Our skill sets combined to a Tee.

How did you came up with the name for your company?

Well, I guess we’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for a piglet, those truffling snouts and fat little tummies! And as such, our babies have long been referred to as little piglets! Perfect logic, right?

What was your biggest challenge at the beginning?

Having the courage and confidence to drive the dream forward. You encounter so many obstacles that you need to have fairly good ability to take the knocks but keep on jumping back up.


What is your biggest achievement so far?

Successfully running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production costs for our first line of down-filled puffer jackets. We are so excited to be bringing these to the market, they are the most beautiful quality and the closest you could ever come to being wrapped in a cosy, soft and snuggly cloud!

What are your future plans?

We have some big designs up our sleeves 2018, and want to establish ourselves firmly within the outerwear market for kids. Watch this space!

What do you like best at children’s parties?

The kid’s entertainer that gives the parents time to catch up and have a glass of fizz while the kids are being distracted!

Do you like a DIY party or you prefer to order everything?

I tend to go DIY, but that’s really because I’m Scottish so I’m stereotypically tight! But I would love to have help and one of these days, I’ll come calling!


What are your kids more enthusiastic about their birthday party?

We had their favourite Disney Princess, singing the Frozen classics this year. Massive hit. Kept them quiet for at least 45 minutes!

Are the kid’s parties now very different from what they were when you were a child?

Yes! kids parties these days can often feel like a bit of a status symbol. I think there’s a huge amount of pressure on parents to come up with something bigger and more original than the last. That’s hard, but luckily that’s where Parentville Parties come in!

Any special memory of your own childhood parties or your friend’s parties?

There are sufficient photographs from the 80’s to never let us forget a children’s party.

Best parenting advice you received was…

Pay for a babysitter.

Your favourite quote is…

‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’ Samuel Beckett

An advice to a parent who wants to start a business

Find time and know firmly in your mind the route that you plan to take. This can of course change at any stage, but set out with a very clear direction and determination in your mind. You will have to make sacrifices and face double the stress and fatigue, so know what it is that you want to achieve and set your compass on it. If you can make it work, the satisfaction from both worlds of parenthood and business is undeniable.


Get 15% discount on Toastie Puffer jackets using code: TOASTIE15 – Valid until 31st December

Toastie Pig’s new lightweight, down-filled Puffer Jackets for kids use certified responsibly-sourced down, and pack down into their own Toastie Pig drawstring bag. They are showerproof, wind-resistant and extremely cosy!






Visiting Copenhagen as a family

Denmark’s capital city makes for a fascinating weekend away. This compact destination is easy to get around with children and buggies in tow and there’s plenty to do. Here are our top choices:


  1. Tivoli, Copenhagen’s amusement park is spread over 15 acres and was first built in 1843. Today it is full of funfair rides, beautiful gardens, a boating lake and plenty of food and drink stalls making it one of the city’s most popular family friendly attractions.


  1. The National Gallery of Denmark caters for little ones with a Children’s Museum of Art with exhibitions just for kids as well as workshops and the chance to get messy with paints and model clay.


  1. While we’re talking culture, the National Museum of Denmark has a dedicated Children’s Museum complete with dressing up through the ages and a Viking exhibition with a copy of a ship from 19th century Norway for little ones to climb on board and imagine what it might have been like.


  1. Young scientists will love the Tycho Brahe Planetarium where you can look up at the night’s sky, watch a 3D or IMAX movie about the wonders of nature or find the answers all your space questions from how astronauts live at the international space station to how our Solar System was formed billions of years ago.


  1. Don’t forget to visit the Little Mermaid in the harbour – a tribute to city’s most famous former inhabitant, Hans Christian Andersen.


  1. Bakken is the world’s oldest amusement park and can be found to the north of the city in a picturesque woodland area. Here you’ll find 33 roller coasters, ferris wheels, drop towers and other more gentle rides for little ones. There’s also plenty of places to get a snack or a glass of wine on a hot day. There’s even an old London bus converted into a pub if you’re feeling a bit homesick.


  1. With over 3,000 species to get up close and personal with Copenhagen zoo has plenty to keep animal lovers happy. As well as all the usual suspects like bears, lions, elephants, giraffes and tigers there’s a children’s zoo where they can pet a goat, meet pigs, ponies and cows, stroke a rabbit and even get their faces painted like a tiger. A great day out.


  1. The Blue Planet is where to head if your children prefer their animals underwater. Here you can see sharks, sting rays, eels, piranhas, anacondas and thousands of colourful fish swimming on a reef. The aquarium is also home to butterflies, birds, sea otters and dwarf crocodiles.


  1. For a relaxed mealtime head over to Paper Island to experience Copenhagen’s Street Food market. You’ll find stalls serving food from around the world so you’re bound to find something that suits all pallettes – even fussy children.


  1. Get your kids hooked early on Lego with a visit to the Danish brands flagship store in Copenhagen. They’ll be able to get their little hands on exclusive and rare sets and even play with the bricks in an interactive play room. They also stock plenty of Duplo – the Lego range for pre-school children.


Let me know your favourite activities in Copenhagen by commenting below!

Love, Katie from team ParentVille

Bury a time capsule

An amazing way to go back in time when your little one grows up!

Prepare a glass jar or a decorated box and ask all his friends at the party to write messages to him, imagining what he will become in the future for example.

Add a few recent photos, postcards of your latest vacation, some photos of that birthday (Polaroids) and a couple of keepsakes. Why not keep a flock of their hair as well!

Love, Team ParentVille


Liberty Mood

2fd0f9d3090cd5b9f0d53673694345deJust an outline…. In liberty


With love and hand-made aluminium outline covered with Liberty fabric.The magic wand measures around 45 x 15 cm and can be hung on the wall, door or a window, decorate a shelf, bring some colour on a furniture…Bring a touch of poetry home!Note that this is a decoration and not a toy.













For small and not so small gourmands!


With its generous size, this liberty print bib is perfect for the little ones having their milk, but also as a napkin for their big brother and sister at the table. Easy to put on with its elasticated strap and matching the rest of the MAYA collection!100% cotton. Made in France 35x35cm. Washable at 30 degres




c8e6ff377ab730e30d466c25b522aab1Chic and stylish!


Adorable little liberty hairclip with its satin bow. Perfect gift for a little girl and matching the rest of the GALAXY collection.Made in France




04fed5f24dcac941a8e648fd18ff8c4fFirst steps in Liberty


Easy to put on, perfect for baby’s feet, these adorable little liberty print ballerinas make every outfit so chic. Perfect new-born gift, matching the rest of the LOUISE collection.
100% coton with a satin ribbon. Made in France. Size 18 (11cm) from 6 to 12 months.

64d1cc58f22178093c80465743d358aeSilver & liberty message bracelet


Say it with a bracelet!Silver bracelet engraved by hand in London with a message of love or friendship in an iconic orange gift box sealed with a smart white bow. Even more personal with the gift tag inside the boxFor any occasion….



850294214605eb986171785e10353c11Meow meow… with a liberty print


The perfect little cat doudou with a liberty print and a big bow. As a softie, as a decoration… babies and children will love it as much as mums will.Made in France. 100% cotton. Hand-embroided stars. 15 x 25 cms





be81935f4a25e013b5ddf4160a95f5aaEvery mum’s best friend.


It’s called washbag but it is whatever you want it to be. To travel, tidy things at home, put your make-up or nappies. From the blue liberty collection, a must-have item!Made in France 18 x 28 cm 85 % cotton 15% linen

113fcdc64128f8ef6ed172d1ce1a1013Softness and warmth for baby !


Blanket made in 2 different Liberty fabrics, lined with terribly soft and warm fleece bordered with gold lamé bias for a Barnabé touch! It is perfect to cover your baby when you go for a walk and can also become a play mat when you are out and about visiting friends and family.. A lovely gift idea for newborns !Dimension: 73 x 90 cm
Real Liberty fabric + polar fleece + gold lamé bias
Washable : 30°c
Made in France











For cute baby rock star!


Not only rock stars sleep with their guitars ! These music boxes will bring sweet dreams to your children with old fashion tunes that parents will be as happy as children to listen to!Dim : 38 cm height. Musical box with a string. Washable surface. Guitar in fabric Composition : cotton, tape and real Liberty = 100% cotton. Upholstery and felt = 100% polyester. Made in France.
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