PV Meets: LoLA

PV Meets: LoLA


PV Meets: LoLA

ParentVille Parties meets creative Mama’s Alara and Selina; the founders of Children Creative Art Boxes LoLA. Today, they share with how they got started and their tips to running a successful creative business. Prepare to be inspired.


Tell us a little about yourself?

We are creative mamas and sisters-in-law, and started LoLA boxes through a belief that process-based artist-inspired experiences are an important way for children to develop problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and confidence. Alara has been teaching art for over 15 years and is the magic behind LoLA, creating wonderful art projects inspired by real artists. I am a designer and have managed to put that magic into a box along with clear instructions, illustrations and recommendations for related books and art trips.

What inspired your idea for your business?

As mums, we naturally have lots of chats together about children and growing up whilst thinking of creative things to do with our kids. When Alara moved back to England after having a creative LoLA space for children in Istanbul (for over 12 years!), it was quite natural for us to talk about how LoLA and inspiring art projects for children could be brought to the UK. Rather than being limited to only 10 children coming to a workshop, we wanted to support creativity in children in a bigger way, and reach children all over the UK (and the world!) so that can they be independently creative at home and have an awareness of both old and new artists’ work.


What were your challenges & how did you overcome them?

We first had the idea of LoLA boxes in October 2018, and then realised the best time to launch it would be at Christmas, so we only had a couple of months to create a product! Luckily as an experienced graphic designer, I was able to create the printed materials, branding and leaflets while Alara sourced the best art supplies. We drove our newly created boxes stacked up in our cars to the Babyccino Christmas fair in the hope that we would sell at least some, but after a frantic two months, not really knowing if we would sell any! We were so lucky to have such an amazing response, we sold out of our first box! Once we had felt the jubilation, it dawned on us this would be a monthly process with a new art theme coming out each month! So then the challenge was to hunker down and plan the whole year of 2019 with 12 exciting art themes, which bring together 36 artists and work, with varied art materials.

What has been your biggest success so far?

The best bit of our day is when we see the children’s art created from LoLA projects, and the responses to the boxes through messages from parents. It is indescribably rewarding. I think Alara and I would differ on what ‘success’ means… After having so much experience with children’s’ brands, Alara has been having fantastic chats with amazing leading figures in the art and education world about how important creativity is for children and some big names have responded positively. For me, we have been approached by a museum to create a bespoke box (in the pipeline so its hushhush at the moment) and that is a real moment for us both.


How do you juggle motherhood/personal life/family life and your business?

As every working mother knows, it is certainly a juggle! Its important for us to take moments to talk about how we want the business to run and our lives to work. We try to set boundaries (and stick to them), but we have to admit, running your own business is quite obsessive and we talk at all hours of the day!

How do you find time to relax while not working?

I would say Alara and I lucky to have found kindred spirits in that we are people who multi-task and like to get things done. As do-ers, we both find it hard to switch off. Being with our children and giving them our full attention is the one thing that will pull us fully out of work mode and we’re lucky to have very supportive families. On our ‘downtime’ we love to take our children to lots of different art exhibitions – although we ARE taking mental notes about the exhibition so we can put it in the ‘LoLA recommends’ section ;), these are really enjoyable experiences where we can enjoy family time with a bit of culture!

Back to school

What is your top tips for starting a small business?

If you have a small business idea, ask yourself ‘who are we and what do we do’? If you can sum this up into a short sentence and communicate it clearly, it goes a long way. We also think its important to stay true to your ideals. We have had lots of feedback on the quality of our art supplies, and even though we could have chosen a cheaper option, we really want children to be proud of the great colour in their artwork and part of that is using quality materials.

If you could invite a special guest to an event who would it be?

Holly Tucker. We are slightly obsessed with her and have enjoyed following her ‘kidpreneur’ celebration at the Holly&Co shop!

Find out more about LoLA boxes here


Children’s Parties; Let us Entertain You


Children’s Parties Ideas; Let us Entertain You

Finding the right entertainment for your child’s birthday party is paramount. The question is where do you start? Your child is likely to be ‘into’ a particular theme or character, they may even have ideas on what they would like for their party but will that entertain the masses? Let us take the stress out of finding an entertainer, with our Entertainer Ideas Guide. We have handpicked children’s entertainers who will please every crowd.


1. Character Party

Is your little one is obsessed with a particular Character?

Tom & Eloise from Castle on the Cloud, offer a premium character entertainment service across London. With a host of well-known characters and themes to bring a little magic to any party including pirates, superhero, princesses, fairies, unicorns, peppa pig, Disney, space, football – the list is unless. The parties include lots of fun and interactive activities and high quality performances. Find out more.


2. Craft Party

Unleash your child’s creativity and host a craft birthday party.

Mandy from Bead Kids offers creative Jewellery & Bead Craft Parties. Mandy will teach your children how to make wearable art that they can be proud of. She only uses the best quality glass beads, acrylic crystals and oodles of charms and at the end of the party they go home with party bags containing their handmade treats. No stress. No mess. Happy children. Happy parents. Find out more.


Olivia from Plox creates Arts & Craft Parties. We combine creativity, education and fun into our magical workshops inspiring children in their own homes. It stimulates creativity and adventure through activities in everyday life by replacing iPads for arts & crafts! Find out more.


3. Cookery Party

Cooking can be so much fun

Rainbow Pasta Making Party. Pasta making workshops are super entertaining for kids and also a great way to introduce kids to healthy and tasty food. Find out more.



Florence creates yummy and fun Sushi Making Parties. Little Chefs will enjoy a creating Sushi using rice, chopped vegetables and fruits. Find out more.



Candy Making Party. Designed to be educational and great fun our Children’s Masterclasses teach kids from 7-17 years old about the science and art behind Candy Making. From heating the sugar, designing the Candy, mixing in the colours & flavours, rolling and chopping to produce the yummy finished article our Master Candy Makers will ensure entertainment that your kids won’t forget in a hurry! Find out more.




4. Dance Party

Funky Moves Parties are sure to be a winner with your children as they learn energetic new dance moves, break dancing tricks and all with a superhero/character theme. You will be wowed with their end of party show. Find out more.


Dance Grooves offers a variety of imaginative and fun parties. Our aim is to create the ultimate party for your special occasion and celebration. Parties include

  • Street Dancing Parties
  • Cheerleading parties
  • Disco Parties
  • Musical Theatre Parties
  • Bollywood Parties
  • Movie Themed Parties
  • Cool Grooves Parties


Find out more.

5. Football Party

Calling all footie fans, the Sporting Duet Academy provides children with a fantastic alternative to the usual birthday party for boys and girls of all ages and abilities. Find out more.



6. Magic Show Party

Let your little ones experience a traditional magical show from a real magician from the Magic Circle. Richard creates a 45 minute show with lots of interactive magic, Ventriloquism with Duncan the “Talking” Dragon and an impressive balloon model for the birthday child. Find out more.



Blondie & The Bears have a number of exciting ideas that will make sure every partygoer is entertained from start to finish, with traditional party games, puppetry, bubbles, magic tricks, balloon modelling and much more. Find out more.




7. Movie Party

Magical Quest can transfer your party into a theatrical experience, bringing the costumes, set, lights, music and of course the action to you! All our Quests incorporate traditional party games and our magic formula promises to keep the children engaged and in wonder throughout! Find out more.


Greatest Showman Party. Love The Greatest Showman? CJ circus artist can provide the greatest showman circus party along with real life circus artists. Each party will include a circus games, a circus workshops with our very own mini aerial rig and a circus performance for an extra fee of £100 per performer. You can choose your very own performer from our circus big top – Juggler, hula hooper, aerialist, foot juggler or trapeze artist. Find out more.



8. Pamper Party

Mini Spa Pamper Party. Kids get to enjoy our luxury mini spa just as the adults do! We come and setup everything, from orchids to decorate the table, individual mirrors, wash bowls, face masks, face clothes and towels to silk robes. Find out more.



Add a little magic with some Face painting, glitter and temporary tattoos, hair braiding/wraps to your little ones party. Find out more.



9. Science Party

Our super science parties have spectacular demonstrations and interactive activities. Every party fuses the most spectacular elements of  astronomy, chemistry and physics. Every party includes Magical Matter,  birthday bubbles, gooey slime making, Rocket Science, indoor fireworks, super star glasses, big bang balloon explosion, elephant toothpaste, super  Sweet Making, instant Snow and much more super cool science experiments. Find out more. 



10. Sleepover Party

Let Muddy Boots Sleepovers whisk your child and their friends to cloud nine by styling and staging an unforgettable overnight party in the comfort of your own home. Our sleepover packages include Tepees, soft mattresses with 100% organic cotton sheets, luxurious decorative cushions, twinkling fairy lights, individual breakfast trays with glowing lanterns for each guest, decorative rugs, garlands and more. Parents can also sit back and relax because Muddy Boots Sleepovers delivers, stages and styles its heavenly parties in just 90 minutes before conveniently returning to pack up and collect items the next day – that means no mess to clear up either! Find out more.


Eco Friendly

3 Eco Friendly Party Tips

Eco Friendly

3 Eco Friendly Party Tips

Eco Friendly Party Tips. Can you have eco-friendly parties without compromising on the sparkle? Yes you can. Being more environmentally conscious is fun, practical and can work out a little kinder on your pocket. Today we will be sharing three useful ways to make your child’s party a little eco friendlier. Lets start from the beginning…

Eco – Invitations

Eco-friendly, resourceful and sustainable party invitations are a great way to kick off your conscious party planning. Virtual invitations are a great way to be environmentally friendly and hugely time and cost efficient. Browse through hundreds of pre-designed templates and create a design which is truly personal to the birthday boy/girl. Virtual invitations are a great way to formally invite your guests, track your guest list and to invite guests instantly. There are many of sites our there but our favourite is Paperless Post.

If you prefer the traditional way of sending an invitation, then why not look at invitations which use recycled materials or cards that can be recycled. We love these Superhero Invitation which are supplied with recycled kraft brown envelopes

Eco Friendly[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]

Why not up-cycle your invitations or encourage your guests to turn them into framed pictures. We think these Fun Mini Animal Invitations make great wall art.

Eco Friendly

[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]


Eco Eats

Turn waste on it’s head by select packaging that is fully recyclable, compostable & biodegradable. We love the Little Eco Eats lunch bags as their packaging is fully recyclable. If after your party you have any remaining packaging, cups, yoghurt jars or food waste, put into a box & the Little Eco Eats will collect it and use it on their farms’ compost heaps or local allotments.

Eco Friendly

[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]


Look at plates and cutlery which are fully compostable after use

Eco Friendly

[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]


Eco Friendly

[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]


Eco Friendly

[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]

Eco Friendly




[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]


Eco Party Bags & Favours

Treat your guests and their parents to practical plastic free favours. We love these personalised cotton party bags. They are eco-friendly, fun and make a lovely keepsake, plus they can be reused time and time again.

Eco Friendly


[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]

Eco Friendly

[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]

Now time to fill your party bag… we love these gift ideas

Craft gift sets

Eco Friendly

[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]

Baking Set



Eco Friendly


[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]

Nail Art Party Cones

Eco Friendly

[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]


Choc & Play Set


Eco Friendly

[highlight]Shop Now[/highlight]

If you would like to find out more about ParentVille Parties, please drop us an email at or browse the website

Sleepover Party Ideas

Sleepover Party Tips

Sleepover Party Ideas


Children’s birthday sleepovers have never been so much fun.Fun packed evenings surrounded by twinkling fairy lights, glowing, midnight snacks, boho style tents and much more. Make sure they fall asleep with a smile on their face, with our top tips to creating the perfect sleepover party.



Sleepover Party Ideas

Sleepover Party Package

Whisk your child and their friends to cloud nine by styling and staging an unforgettable overnight party in the comfort of your own home. Our sleepover packages include Teepees, soft mattresses with 100% organic cotton sheets, luxurious decorative cushions, twinkling fairy lights, individual breakfast trays with glowing lanterns for each guest, decorative rugs, garlands and more.

Parents can also sit back and relax because the Sleepover party team delivers, stages and styles your parties in just 90 minutes before conveniently returning to pack up and collect items the next day – that means no mess to clear up either! Find out more



Sleepover Party Ideas

There are lots of ways to entertain your guests at ParentVille Parties. We have a huge range of ideas including a football party, dance party,  luxury mini spaunicorn pamper party, Science party, disco parties and much more. Don’t forget to throw in some traditional games too – musical chairs anyone?





Tea Time

After all the excitement your guests will want to enjoy some delicious food. Choose from many dishes, from Mini Fish ‘n’ Chips, Mini Burgers to Jelly Cups, designed around any theme and plenty extras to finished off. Discover more.

Sleepover Party Ideas


Midnight Snacks

Sleeping Unicorn Chocolate Cake Pops

Sleepover Party Ideas

Our Sleeping Unicorn Cake Pops are made with our scrummy signature chocolate cake. Coated in a delicious candy coating, we individually hand shape and hand decorate each Cake Pop. The perfect sleepover treat or even as a party favour.


Sleepover Party Ideas

Say Thank you

Thank your guests with a personalised Children’s Party Box. These playful personalised boxes are perfect for your child’s birthday party. Fill with treats or stationary or even a mini book as a lovely way of saying thank you.


Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

First comes the Easter egg hunt, then comes a basket filled with chocolate eggs. Looking to treat your little one to something that will last longer than a chocolate egg this Easter? Discover a whole host of unique gift ideas for kids, to make this Easter one to remember. ParentVille Parties have picked out ten Easter gift ideas your kids will love.

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Easter Basket Cupcake Kit


1. Easter Basket Cupcake Kit

Kids will love baking and decorating these imaginative Easter Basket Cupcakes. Fill each basket with mounds of sprinkles and chocolate eggs and finish with a handle (that they can munch on too!!) Makes enough for 10 cupcakes.


Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Paint Your Own Easter Cookies


2. Paint your own Easter Cookie

Kids will love painting these Easter inspired cookies. Use the paint palette on your cookie & use a little water to paint your Easter masterpiece. It’s a fun activity your little one will really enjoy.

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Easter Bunny Biscuits


3. Easter Bunny Biscuits

Send some Easter joy with these Bunny biscuits. They are a great alternative to chocolate. These handmade biscuits can be personalised too. The biscuits come in a vanilla or lemon flavour and are gift wrapped in a box with spring coloured ribbon.


Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
Easter Bunny Bags

4. Easter Bunny Bags

Kids will love their very own personalised bunny bags.  Perfect to use on your Easter egg hunt or to use all year round


Easter Gift Ideas
PLAYin Choc

5. PLAYin Choc

Chocolate and a toy! Now you are talking. PLAYin Choc Kids contains two individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic, dairy free chocolates and a delightful cardboard toy to assemble. The toy comes with its own fun facts educational info card.

Because we care about you and our environment Playin Choc is organic, vegan, avoids potential allergens such as soy, gluten and dairy, contains no refined sugar, is environmentally responsible and uses only recycled, recyclable and compostable materials. Our chocolate is wrapped in clear film that is 100% plant based and completely home compostable.


Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
Afternoon Tea Picnic

6. Afternoon Tea Picnic

Leave the house and enjoy the sunshine this Easter with our Afternoon Tea Picnic. Our picnics include everything you need for a delicious afternoon tea with a yummy selection of mouth watering cakes, sandwiches, scones, freshly squeezed orange juice and a choice of tea, coffee or infusion.

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Meri Meri Easter Box


7. Easter Biscuits

Kids will love this Easter cookie assortment of bunnies, flowers, rainbows, chicks and speckled mini eggs. Handmade and gift wrapped.


Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
Bunny Balloon Kit


8. Bunny Balloon Kit

Kids will love this Bunny Balloon Kit this easter. Enjoy hours of fun creating your very own Easter bunny balloon. The kit comes with all the things you will need to decorate your bunny balloons.


Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
Personalised Easter egg Biscuit

9. Easter Biscuits

Perfect for Easter, these individually handmade biscuits are iced in our Spring pastel colours. Each one is hand decorated and can be personalised with the name of the recipient, or a general “Happy Easter” message. Do something different to chocolate this year!


10 The Little Welcome Baby Gift Box

Too young for chocolate? Now your baby can celebrate Easter with these ‘Welcome Baby Gift Box’. Each gift box comes with an adorable designer shirt for your little one and much more.

Gift for girl

Easter Gift Ideas
New Baby Girl Gift Box

Gift for boy

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
New Baby Boy Gift Set


To browse our full collection of Easter gift ideas for kids, click here







A Decaf skinny latte with Julie

We had breakfast with Julie Stott at Le Pain Quotidien where she takes her morning decaf skinny latte, and we were so excited to learn about her thoughts and challenges as an entrepreneur in London and as a mum to 2 beautiful angels. We also discussed the ethos and mission of Rue des Petits, the company she launched single-handedly last December.

You can view our favourite items from her inspiring collections in our Favourite Gifting Boutiques section.


ParentVille: How did the project start?

Julie: I have always loved interior design and home decoration. When I had my first daughter in 2012, I enjoyed decorating her bedroom so much, but also realised that I was spending hours researching unique items, young designer brands, and also that I was getting things from outside of the UK and that delivery costs ended up being too much. That’s when I started thinking I could offer people to help them save time and energy by creating an online boutique with a curated selection of young European designer brands and unique products, based in London. So that people don’t have to search for hours and can be delivered next day if needed.

So when I had my second daughter, in 2014, I decided it was time to start a new chapter. I left my job early 2015 and started working on Rue des Petits from home and launched just before Christmas 2015. And I am ever so happy I took this decision!


P: Tell me more about your background, how did it help you in your own business venture?

J: I studied in a business school (ESCP Europe) in their Paris, London and Berlin campuses, and I also spent 7 months in Casablanca while I was studying, working for Danone. So all that gave me the taste to live abroad, which I love! I then started to work as a consultant in a strategy consulting firm for 2 years. This taught me quite a lot on the business and organisation side. Then I got lucky enough to get a job at CHANEL where I spent 5 years. Working for such a beautiful house was an honour and I learnt more than anything else the power of branding, of staying true to your brand values and mission statement. And also, the value of not copying but being yourself as a business. I worked on the online and CRM side of the business when I initially joined, and I can feel that I still have in mind what I did for CHANEL when I am working on my Rue des Petits projects. But now, I love the fact that I am my own artistic director and that I have more freedom and room for creativity… which is what I was missing there.


P:What was your biggest challenge when you first started?

J: Choosing. I went to different fairs in Paris and London to meet the brands and designers. And I also had my list of brands that I had spotted for the last couple of years while decorating the house, researching for presents… There are so many inspiring and amazing people today who are starting their brand, that I thought this was the most difficult part. Deciding which ones to start with, as of course, budget was limited…. So I mainly chose brands for which the people behind were as nice as their products. It has been a great human experience in that respect as I have met people I really value and who I am proud and happy to distribute here in the UK.


P: Is London a good environment for starting a business?

J: Yes and no. Yes in the sense that admin-wise nothing felt too complicated. Setting up a company can be done fairly quickly. You can also work with freelancers as there are many here in London, you can find work space if you need… No, because of the cost of living in London. With two kids, nanny, school, flat… it wasn’t an easy decision to leave the comfort of my previous job and salary. In that respect, London makes it a harder decision.


P: What is your biggest achievement so far?

J: I only launched before Christmas so this is still a baby business. But all the feed-back I am getting on the website, products, boutique feel, packaging are really good. I have received emails from customers just to say thank you as they loved the personal touches in their parcels. That for me, was a very nice first step. This is probably from my CHANEL time, but I really believe and value high quality services.


IMG_4811   P: How do you maintain your work/life balance?

J: It is not always easy as I work mainly from home. So the frontier between both is not really clear. I bring my eldest one to school twice a week. This is a nice one-to-one moment with her. Then we have a nanny looking after our little one. She knows that ‘Maman’ works when I am in the living room. So when she comes back from outside, she comes for a kiss to say hi but then leaves me. They are both really good at understanding that now my office is at home. When the nanny leaves around 6:30, then I try to switch off and really spend the next 2 hours with them…. Even if it means being back on emails after they are in bed and we’ve had dinner… It seems to be working fine and I love the feeling that I am more flexible and can, if I decide to, take my 4yo to ballet on Wednesday afternoon for instance..

P: What are your favourite hangout places / activities as a family?

J: I live next to Hampstead Heath so if the weather is nice, that’s an obvious one for us! We walk a lot, so we love hanging around little Venice, going to Primrose Hill. We love having lunch at Lemonia for a bit of a holiday feel. The zoo is amazing, my daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs so we’ve been many many times to the Natural History Museum. Also love the kids’ area at the V&A. Little Angel Theatre is a great place in North London, followed by a nice lunch in Angel for a perfect family Sunday! I also love receiving friends at home. So our big kitchen full of kids and friends is one of our favourite hangout place/ activity!!!


P: Is there any advice that you would give to a mum or dad who wants to start a business? 

J: I would say that this really needs to be a decision taken as a couple. One needs to really weigh the pros and cons a lot before making this decision, as it’s not always easy, there are times where you will doubt and question your choice. You should also talk about your idea to friends. I organised quite a few brainstorming sessions with my friends at home to get their view and feedbacks. But once you have decided to go for it, then you need to be 100%, have no regrets and work hard. And finally, having a few friends who set up their own business helps.

It’s good to have a deadline. If in x months/years it’s not happening, then one needs to be able to move on. You need to know that it’s ok if it doesn’t work. There is nothing worse than putting too much pressure on your shoulders. I don’t think this is a good way to progress. And if it works, remember to say thank you to everybody that helped and supported you. And treat yourself 😉


P: What are your future plans?

J: I just want to share my selection and brands with as many people as possible, show that we can buy less but better, focus on the hand-made and beautiful products. There is a trend currently on promoting young brands as opposed to cheap ‘Made in Far East’ creations. I hope I can contribute to that. Behind most of the brands I am distributing there are young people who believe in their products, work hard, there are mums working from home and putting their love and energy in their creations. I want to try to promote that…


FullSizeRenderP: Your funniest parenting moment?

J: I don’t know about the funniest, but my daughters have recently discovered Frozen. My eldest one doesn’t like princesses, she loves dinosaurs! But for some reason she loves the song “Let it Go”. And the second one is obsessed with music. So every evening, they ask me for the song on the iPad, they both lie on the floor in our kitchen, watch it mesmerised and when Elsa changes into her blue dress, they both simultaneously shout ‘waoouuhhhh’. It just feels like having 2 teenagers at home in front of a boys-band! They are usually dressed up at that stage, wearing my shoes or their hats. A very comical (and sweet) sight for me while I prepare their dinner!


Liberty Mood

2fd0f9d3090cd5b9f0d53673694345deJust an outline…. In liberty


With love and hand-made aluminium outline covered with Liberty fabric.The magic wand measures around 45 x 15 cm and can be hung on the wall, door or a window, decorate a shelf, bring some colour on a furniture…Bring a touch of poetry home!Note that this is a decoration and not a toy.













For small and not so small gourmands!


With its generous size, this liberty print bib is perfect for the little ones having their milk, but also as a napkin for their big brother and sister at the table. Easy to put on with its elasticated strap and matching the rest of the MAYA collection!100% cotton. Made in France 35x35cm. Washable at 30 degres




c8e6ff377ab730e30d466c25b522aab1Chic and stylish!


Adorable little liberty hairclip with its satin bow. Perfect gift for a little girl and matching the rest of the GALAXY collection.Made in France




04fed5f24dcac941a8e648fd18ff8c4fFirst steps in Liberty


Easy to put on, perfect for baby’s feet, these adorable little liberty print ballerinas make every outfit so chic. Perfect new-born gift, matching the rest of the LOUISE collection.
100% coton with a satin ribbon. Made in France. Size 18 (11cm) from 6 to 12 months.

64d1cc58f22178093c80465743d358aeSilver & liberty message bracelet


Say it with a bracelet!Silver bracelet engraved by hand in London with a message of love or friendship in an iconic orange gift box sealed with a smart white bow. Even more personal with the gift tag inside the boxFor any occasion….



850294214605eb986171785e10353c11Meow meow… with a liberty print


The perfect little cat doudou with a liberty print and a big bow. As a softie, as a decoration… babies and children will love it as much as mums will.Made in France. 100% cotton. Hand-embroided stars. 15 x 25 cms





be81935f4a25e013b5ddf4160a95f5aaEvery mum’s best friend.


It’s called washbag but it is whatever you want it to be. To travel, tidy things at home, put your make-up or nappies. From the blue liberty collection, a must-have item!Made in France 18 x 28 cm 85 % cotton 15% linen

113fcdc64128f8ef6ed172d1ce1a1013Softness and warmth for baby !


Blanket made in 2 different Liberty fabrics, lined with terribly soft and warm fleece bordered with gold lamé bias for a Barnabé touch! It is perfect to cover your baby when you go for a walk and can also become a play mat when you are out and about visiting friends and family.. A lovely gift idea for newborns !Dimension: 73 x 90 cm
Real Liberty fabric + polar fleece + gold lamé bias
Washable : 30°c
Made in France











For cute baby rock star!


Not only rock stars sleep with their guitars ! These music boxes will bring sweet dreams to your children with old fashion tunes that parents will be as happy as children to listen to!Dim : 38 cm height. Musical box with a string. Washable surface. Guitar in fabric Composition : cotton, tape and real Liberty = 100% cotton. Upholstery and felt = 100% polyester. Made in France.

Healthy and Fruity Selection






In the mood for fruits and peps!


Fall for this cute leather bow brooch. Elegant and simple accessory for give a personal touch to any outfit!
Made in France 100% leather Safety closure in the back

e27b582a41f4029c06758dac4632bb5fBiscuit Musical Cushion… For a Happy baby!


One of her iconic pieces, this cute biscuit cushion will play the retro AMELIE POULAIN to you and your baby!!100% coton – Inside 100% antiallergic polyester.Handwash 30°
25 x 18cmThis is a handmade decoration and does not meet toys standards



bc1420b47e490a061bc458b1b5947de1Summer and sweetness in your room!


Stick these 12 pineapples stickers to brighten up the room !











For everything and more!


The must-have zippered bag, to keep everything baby needs to be changed, to bring toiletries to the grandparents house or just to put lovely secrets inside…Made in France 32x28x8cm, inside pocket and nylon zipper 100% cotton. Lining 100% cotton Washable 30°, soft ironing no steam



dc4415d3fff757781923a7f5974bfa41Retro chic bib for your little one!


One side in towelling for messy eaters, one side so nice in Liberty fabric to smile at stepmother’s house … Tasty colours and precious subjects.. This beautiful bib will be a perfect present!Dimension : 22 x 29 cm
Composition : durable towelling = 90% cotton and 10% polyester
Washing : 40°C recommended
Made in France


d76ea56b3f43f8e21c7db538c28d910aRecipes, crafty tables and pretty illustrations


The Forest Feast for Kids: Colorful Vegetarian Recipes That are Simple to Make, by Inc. Academy of American Poets and Erin GleesonWritten by popular food blogger Erin Gleeson, Forest Feast for Kids serves up quick, easy, and fun vegetarian recipes that kids will love to make. In addition to its recipes–which span meals, party food, snacks, and beverages–the book includes instructions on how to set a table, ideas for fun and crafty table decorations, guides on how to use utensils safely and a glossary of culinary terms. Vibrant photographs of the dishes, as well as of children making them, complemented by Erin’s own fanciful watercolour illustrations and hand-lettering, showcase the rustic simplicity of the fare.

fa37d7085d2689ffcd8d365f06da0ca3Debates, challenges and good manners around the table!


Avoid unruly conversations at mealtime! Each person takes a turn, parents and children pick a « Discussion » card. Daily routine, philosophical debates, unusual topics …they all are up for discussion. If the topic leaves you uninspired, then pick a « Challenge » card (suitable for table manners). Watch out, it will be hard to clear the table!
2 sets of 33 cards.
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