Create your own pizza!

By: Parentville | 6 Jan 2017

Dinner time.. Again.. And you have no idea what to cook that will please everyone yet be a healthy(ish)! You’re on the verge of ordering…

Preparing for a flight with kids?

By: Parentville | 18 Dec 2016

You’ve bought your airline tickets, scoured the Internet for the best child-friendly accommodation and you’re ready to go. Time to relax and enjoy the holiday,…

Schools – Where to Start?

By: Parentville | 4 Oct 2016

This is how it goes. You pee on a stick. Small hurrah. You bite your nails for the next 12 weeks before sharing the news….

The Best Decoration Ideas for a child friendly Halloween !

By: Parentville | 27 Sep 2016

From pumpkins to spooky finger food a children’s Halloween Party can be great fun. Here are our top decoration ideas to spook up your house without frightening the children

Carved pumpkin: Whether you buy an organic one from a farmers market or head to your nearest supermarket, no Halloween party is complete without a carved pumpkin. Get the kids to help choose a design and scoop out the insides so they feel involved. For extra safety buy a flameless tea light to sit inside the pumpkin rather than a candle then set it outside to glow in the dark.

How to take good photos of your children’s party? 5 top tips

By: Parentville | 26 Sep 2016

Photographing children’s birthday parties can be great fun, with priceless expressions and lots going on. As a parent, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement (and organising things!), but it’s lovely to have a documentary record of the day to look back on – especially in the years to come.

Luckily we have award-winning children’s photographer, Heather Neilson on hand to share her top tips for photographing your child’s party.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

By: Parentville | 30 Aug 2016

Are you planning to leave your child with a carer for the first time? Is he/she going to a new nursery/ school this autumn? All parents…

Back to school checklists

By: Parentville | 25 Aug 2016

  Autumn means back to school after the long summer break. Make sure your child has everything ready in time for the start of the…

What to pack for a long haul flight with kids?

By: Parentville | 7 Jul 2016

For the journey, you might need: ☑ A collapsible one-piece stroller – we recommend the Babyzen Yoyo ☑ Cardigans or comfy jackets ☑ A soft pashmina…